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pGina for Windows

pGina is an open source authentication system that replaces the built in authentication of the Microsoft Windows operating system. pGina uses easy-to-write plugins that allow a system to authenticate against virtually any source. Some examples are LDAP, RADIUS, SSH, FTP, SMTP, POP3, and many more.

Roundcube Plugin: Feed Reader

Full featured feed reader for the Roundcube Webmail Application. Supports multiple RSS versions as well as Atom feeds.

Roundcube Plugin: Logged In Email

Simple plugin for Roundcube Webmail Application that displays the full email address of a logged in user in the taskbar.

Miscellaneous Utilities

I often write little scripts and applications that in some way make my life easier. Below you can find a list of those that I have decided to publish instead of just hogging them.


  • This script is designed to be run periodically by a cron job. This script uses MyIP and TxtMsg to check your internet facing IP address and send a text message to the administrator to notify him/her of any changes due to DHCP. This is very useful for anyone who is running internet services off of an internet connection restricted by a dynamic IP address


  • This script queries outside IP address services to pull back a copy of the current internet facing IP address.

TEMPer Driver for Linux


  • This is a basic perl script that allows you to send a text message to a cell phone using a command line utility.

The full list of utilities as well as the source files can be found here.

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