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About Me

As you guessed, my name is Steve Cross. I am an open source programmer, hardware engineer, car enthusiast, and just about anything else that I can get my hands on. I have been working with computers for most of my life, and cars for even longer. I started working with computers when I was nine years old, and motors when I was 6 years old. Just a brief summary of my computer experience:

  • 16 Years of computer hardware building experience
  • 15 years of Linux use and server administration
  • 15 years XHTML coding
  • 14 years of networking, routing, and firewalling experience
  • 14 years extensive Perl scripting
  • 13 years CSS coding
  • 12 years MySQL database management
  • 11 years Bash shell scripting
  • 10 years PHP scripting
  • 9 years JavaScript
  • 8 years AJAX experience
  • 6 years electronics engineering experience
  • 5 years MSSQL database management
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