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-<box 100% round orange|About Me> +====== About Me ====== 
-As you guessed, my name is Steve Cross. I am an open source programmer, hardware engineer, car enthusiast, and justa bout anything else that I can get my hands on. I have been working with computers for most of my life, and cars for even longer. I started working with computers when I was nine years oldand motors when I was 6 years old. Just a brief summary of my computer experience: + 
-\\ +My name is Steve. I am a married father of four. On top of that, I work for ADP as a Site Reliability Engineer, working as an internal software developer. Needless to say, I don't have a ton of free time. So what did I do? I decided to bring back my old wiki and start contributing to it again! Cause, you know.. lots of spare time ;). 
-  * 12 Years of hardware building experience + 
-  * 11 years of Linux use and administration +I am also an open source programmer, ham radio operator, 3d printer, photographer and astrophotographer, hardware engineer, musician, recording engineer, and just about anything else that I can get my hands on. I have been working with computers for most of my life. I started working with computers when I was seven years old. I have worked with the following technologies and languages to varying degrees over the years (some have most likely been left out)Windows, Linux, Max OS X, BSD, Android, C, C++, C#, Java, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, PostgresQL, MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Bash, PowerShell, and miscellaneous others. My platform of choice these days is .NET Core. Professionally, I have developed an entire MSA platform with it. Personally, I have written quite a few utilities with it for all sorts of different projects.
-  * 11 years XHTML coding +
-  * 10 years of networkingroutingand firewalling experience +
-  * 10 years extensive Perl scripting +
-  * 9 years CSS coding +
-  * 8 years MySQL database management +
-  * 7 years Bash shell scripting +
-  * 6 years PHP scripting +
-  * 5 years JavaScript +
-  * 4 years AJAX experience +
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